July 28, 2016

Cloud Users: What We Like Most about ACTnowHPC

In a recent survey of cloud customers, ACTnowHPC learned what our users like best about the cloud service that offers a pay-as-you-go option for access to the latest HPC technology.

When asked, “What is the best thing about using the ACTnowHPC cloud cluster?,” users overwhelmingly named three attributes: Ease of use, performance and high availability.

One user explained why he considers ease of use to be the best thing about ACTnowHPC: “We chose the ACTnowHPC system because it offers reliability and quick turn-around times without the headaches of owning and managing your own system.”

Performance is something all ACTnowHPC users mention as a key benefit to using our cloud solution: Said one user: “ACTnowHPC is a high quality service and as fast a machine as we’ve ever used.”

High availability was another favorite attribute cited by our customers, including one who said “Run times were up to 20% faster than our resources. File transfer times were not of concern. The overall customer experience is pleasant, and support response times are relatively fast compared to other clouds.”

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