About Us

ACTnowHPC gives you on demand, pay as you go access to the latest HPC technology in the cloud. Experience the power of HPC without the upfront capital outlay – and enjoy the freedom of a scalable solution that fits any computational need. ACTnowHPC is owned and operated by the HPC experts at Advanced Clustering Technologies. Our engineers have been building customized, turn-key HPC solutions since our founding in 2001. The ACTnowHPC cloud is designed specifically for high performance computing users.

Here are some key things to know about ACTnowHPC:

This is bare metal hardware - not virtualized machines.

It uses 2133MHz DDR4 memory.

It uses FDR Infiniband.

It comes with our software stack already installed, so you can start today.

It is managed by our cluster engineers, who are standing by to assist you.

There is a free trial that gives you 500 free core hours.

ACTnowHPC provides on-demand cloud high performance computing that gives you the freedom to scale a solution to fit your changing computational needs. You get the benefit of an HPC cluster without the capital investment.

At Advanced Clustering, HPC is our focus. When you use our cloud solution, you get: