July 14, 2016

Industries That Need Cloud HPC

A growing number of industries are turning to cloud HPC resources to complete their research or product design projects.

Here is a look at some of the industries that are relying on ACTnowHPC to serve their high performance computing needs in the cloud.

Bioinformatics, Life Sciences and Computational Chemistry
High performance computing has advanced these industries’ abilities to conduct simulations and modeling to such a degree that these industries are adopting cloud HPC resources at a higher rate than any others.

Electronic Design Automation

The ability to cut costs, coupled with the ability to get a product to market faster through the power of parallel computing, has inspired this industry to adopt cloud HPC computing more than ever before.

Financial Services
In an industry that depends on the ability to collect, analyze and store huge amounts of data, financial services has found a natural fit in cloud HPC resources. Using the latest technology and getting even slightly faster clock speeds equal a win-win for the financial services industry, which is expected to continue blazing a trail as an early adopter of cloud HPC services.

Simulations are the key to success for the manufacturing industry, and advances in computational fluid dynamics (CFD) codes make it easier than ever for manufacturing companies to use hundreds of cores in the cloud for more accurate and complete simulations.

Weather and Climage Research and Modeling
We have found the weather and climate research industry to be the most avid adopters of HPC cloud solutions. It’s easy to understand why. Cloud HPC makes it possible to simulate existing weather events or long-range climate forecasts. Our customers have used the cloud for successful simulations of day-to-day and hour-to-hour weather forecasts.

Oil and Gas Exploration
Cloud HPC solutions aid the oil and gas industry in determining where to drill. It’s possible to simulate the best approach to oil and gas extraction. HPC cloud resources assist in quickly locating valuable deposits, this reducing the expense of such exploration.

Science and Research
Cloud HPC offers a wide range of options for the many research disciplines within universities, national labs and the private sector. HPC is being used to answer the most complex questions solve the most time-consuming problems.