June 29, 2016

Want a guaranteed seat on the cloud? Make a Reservation

reservationDid you know you can make a reservation on our cloud cluster, ACTnowHPC?
A reservation is a guaranteed time slot to run your job.

One time, daily or weekly reservations can be purchased. Each reservation has a defined number of nodes and cores on which to run. You will be billed for your reservation even if you don’t use it. Why? Because your reservation also prevents other customers from using those resources during your reservation.

Your job will only run for the duration of the reservation. If you exceed the time allocated, your job will be killed. You don’t get extra time if you submit late. Example: Your reservation for 1 hour started at 9 a.m., and you didn’t submit until 9:30 a.m. You will only have 30 minutes to run, but you will still be billed for the entire hour. You may submit earlier than the reservation time, and your job will be queued when your reservation is set to begin.

Who was the reservation system designed to support? Customers who know how long their jobs run and who need the assurance of having their jobs run within a specific timeframe.

Reservation pricing varies based on the number of nodes, cores and the length of the reservation. To request a reservation, log in to the ACTnowHPC customer portal and complete the Request a Reservation form. After you submit the form, your request will be reviewed and an ACTnowHPC representative will follow up with you about pricing and availability.