March 8, 2018

Hybrid HPC: Pairing Data Center HPC with Cloud

As the demand for high performance computing continues to grow, and as HPC workloads become increasingly complex, demand is also growing for what’s being called the Hybrid HPC approach.

Hybrid HPC combines existing HPC resources in the data center with additional HPC resources available on the cloud. Hybrid solutions give added computing power but also, according to recent data, faster delivery. With delivery times up to 90% faster, and application performance boosted by as much as four times, enterprise HPC customers are switching to hybrid HPC models in order to decrease costs and increase productivity.

Here are some of the key benefits of Hybrid HPC:


 Faster provisioning. Building out expanded data center resources takes time, while taking excess workloads to the cloud can be done in minutes.

 Cloud storage collaborations. Sharing data across scalable cloud storage options allows for collaboration within your group.

 Increased choice and control. You decide which cloud vendor to work with, and for what period of time. You can scale the number of core hours and storage allotments to fit your evolving needs.

Ask about ACTnowHPC’s cloud offerings and experience the benefits of Hybrid HPC for yourself.